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Tales from the Canard Islands

An Original Pirate Fiction Podcast

Welcome to the Canard Islands, a small island nation of pirates and politics, of stories and swordfighting. Within are adventures beyond your wildest dreams and treasure just waiting to be discovered... 

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Latest Episode

John: Stories and Spirits
John Hartman IV, the most influential civilian in the Canard Islands, spends an evening at Pretty Lady Brothel, the local drinking spot for pirates and citizens alike. He shares drinks, swaps stories, and reflects on his place in the world as we venture into the complex web that is the Canard Islands.


   The Show

Far out in the Atlantic Ocean, where the weather is hot and the sunsets are breathtaking, there lies a small island nation called the Canard Islands, plagued by pirates and politics...


Tales from the Canard Islands is a podcast set in a fictional, original island nation of pirates. There's swordfighting, betrayal, romance, and just a hint of mystery to tie in the complex relationships and compelling plotlines. With fast paced action, interesting characters, and plundering pirates, Tales from the Canard Islands is entertaining and full of treasure just waiting to be discovered.

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